The Chronicler

Arne König wrote short stories and poems as a child and drew comics in the fields of fantasy and science fiction. At the age of seven he won gold in an international drawing competition in Japan, and at eleven a short story of his won a writing competition of the RIAS Berlin and was recorded as a radio play.

While his mother inspired him to read books and write, his father showed him the wonders of nature in the grassland of his childhood. There they caught sticklebacks, sunbleaks and newts, water fleas, dragonfly and caddisfly larvae. They hatched frog and toad spawn, cut willow branches from which to make bows and arrows, or collected natural bonsai.

At first Arne decided against writing and to study and have a “proper” job. When he became a father of two girls, who constantly asked him for new stories, he finally answered the call of the paper and started writing again. The young adult book “Grassland” is his first novel and the beginning of a book series.